Yahoo's Customer Care Phone Number

Because I utterly loathe websites that refuse to publish customer service numbers on their site I am going to republish Yahoo's Customer Care number here in the hopes that other people find it and use it to get straight to Yahoo and not wait days and days and days for their slow ass email replies with no help contained in them.

And how did I find this number, you ask? Well, after searching through their useless help pages, I went to Yahoo's main page and scrolled down to the bottom. There was a link to Yahoo Company Information with a further link to their Media Relations page. That page has a phone number on it so I called it and never did speak to a human but the computer voice told me the number below. Also the Media Relations page has handy directions if you feel the need to register your ire in person.

So, if Yahoo is screwing you over, call (408) 349-1572 and be prepared to wait and wait and wait. I've been on hold for twenty minutes now (thanks speakerphone for saving my ear and neck) but I'm not going to give up now. And try not to scream at the idiotic voice telling you to seek help on the incredibly unhelpful help pages.

And yes, once I finally got someone live on the phone, it was a pretty straight forward password resetting without the dire warnings and drama. Why couldn't they just send an email saying call this number and we can sort it out in fifteen minutes? Just stupid and short-sighted.
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