Sony Service and Rootkit DRM Idiocy

I nearly laughed at the customer service rep a moment ago when she assured me that getting me my replacement camera was Sony's top priority right now.

Sony's top priority right now is damage control, not replacing my broken camera. Though I did appreciate the lip service, Sony's got way bigger issues to deal with. Like this "rootkit" issue in which they are installing extremely nasty spyware on their customer's computers. Spyware that's invisible and extraordinarily adept at hiding itself. So much so that the only solution I've yet heard is a full system re-install.

I first read about it over at Rick's and its definitely gained legs since then. PC Mag does a good write up of the issue and why it opens the door to some really malicious assholes gaining access to your computer thanks to Sony and their outrageously stupid and shortsighted DRM efforts.
The new technology, which Sony has dubbed "sterile burning," manipulates the Windows core processing center, or "kernel," to make the DRM almost totally undetectable on Windows systems.

These DRM files are almost impossible to remove without fouling Windows systems and could be used by malicious hackers to hide their own programs, according to Mark Russinovich, chief software architect at Winternals Software Inc.
Hey Sony, think you'll save enough money this way to pay for all the lawsuits? I highly doubt it. Didn't you idiots learn anything from the Napster sue your customers stupidity? Apparently not. I'd imagine old Sony Music's stock is getting beaten around the markets like a drunk kid toucher at a PTA meeting (hey, that's not bad!).

And I've never been so damned happy to not be running a freakin' PC as I am today. My Mac sneers at Sony's stupid ass DRM garbage, for now. I'm sure they're working on a delicious fully cross platform ass-plowing DRM use software package that'll munge computers all over the world. I hope and expect that Sony (and the other music morons) will have realized how incredibly stupid it is to attack your customers rather than try to work with them. You attack us, then all bets are off and there's no need for us to treat you with even the tiniest hint of respect because you haven't done the same for the consumer.

Sony, take heed, back off the pitbull aggression for music sharing. Its the way of the future, embrace it and figure out a way to turn it into revenue. Fight it and you open yourselves up to massive litigation for illegally installing malicious and incredibly invasive software that you have no right to install on any computer.

By purchasing music, we are purchasing the right to listen to that music by any means we choose. If that's on my iPod then that's my right, if I want to listen to that CD recorded onto a cassette tape, then that is also my right. Trying to dictate how people enjoy their music just means that people will be buying their music elsewhere, without the tyranny of your software or DRM.

And its now been two and a half months since Sony shipped my camera to the wrong address and I'm still waiting for a replacement as Sony and UPS negotiate who fucked up more. I don't really care who fucked up, I just want the damned camera back. Everyday they have it is another day where its value depreciates that much more. So I'm going to call them every other day until they get their thumbs removed from their backsides and get me my damned camera back.
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