Seeing Past the Illusion

I read an article in BusinessWeek last week about the rise of alternate belief systems in the US. People looking for something more than what Christianity offers, there are many that have explored Buddhism and found a more harmonious way of living.

There was one quote that really stuck out to me and I've been mentally reminding myself to post it when I got the chance.

"It is the illusion of separateness that is the cause of suffering."

And I may not have gotten it perfectly but I think I caught the main gist of it. The quote was in conjunction with a senior level executive who took a three day mission as a homeless person to break through the division. He said it was a very humbling experience to go from the center of attention to one of the unseen.

Its also a good reminder to look at those things that you may not normally notice, you might be surprised at what you see.
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