A Picture is Worth 2000 Soldiers (and Counting)

Poignant, no?

I appreciate the power of a political cartoon, its says so much without saying anything at all. This one image, from one of my contacts, HabitForming, does an excellent job of expressing how I've been feeling about the war on terror in Iraq. Of course, its oversimplistic but that's part of its appeal, it is immediately graspable and you either agree or disagree with very little space for anything else.

And, in local politics, every single one of Governor Asshat's propositions is set to fail, which is good. Maybe it'll make him realize that his "starpower" isn't quite enough to get an entire state to sell their future and hand over nearly total control to him. Sorry, Arnold, you're a prick, a liar and a cheat. It will not be soon enough before you are shown the door and we can get someone who actually knows what they are doing in the governor's office.
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