Happy Forgetful Day!

Today has got to unofficially be called Forgetful Day. How else can you explain all those candy wrappers all over the ground that the children forgot to pick up last night?

Or the dude who parked his little BMW and headed off to work without noticing that his parking brake wasn't on and his car dribbled forward from its parking space to come to a stop right in the middle of the parking garage aisle?

Or the kids who thought it would be a good prank to pull a bag of trash out down in the slough and set it on fire before they realized that the bag of trash was about 80% wet, stinky dog poop and that ain't burning anytime soon?

Or the husband working to do a little emergency cleanup this morning as the drain pipe under the sink had come loose and filled the space under the sink with water. So I, I mean the husband, got out the wet/dry vac and sucked it all up. And then, after dumping the water, forgetting to grab the filter and closing the garage door on it.

Yeah, Happy Forgetful Day! I hope everyone else had a great happy and safe Halloween!

But at least we had a bitchin' smoke machine last night and an awful lot of trick or treaters!
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