The Handy Dandy IP Guide to the California Special Farce Election

So tomorrow Californians are going to go to the polls and hand Governer Asshat defeat after defeat. But there are more than just the Asshatinator's four pet propositions intended to reform California in Tom DeLay's Texas image (the anti-Prop 77 commercial with the redistricting of California ending up looking like Texas was powerful and well done, I thought).

So I thought it would be a good idea to take a quick run down through the propositions on the ballot tomorrow just to make sure we're all on the same page. Okay? Along with a short explanation of the proposition. Longer explanations and links to more info can be found on the Wiki: California Special Election pages. But a pretty decent guideline is to look at who is supporting these propositions. If its a Governor Asshat propelled proposition then you can pretty well be guaranteed that its not in your best interests to vote for it.

Prop 73: The No-abortion without 48 hours to notify parents proposition.
Prop 74: School teacher tenure.
Prop 75: Union Dues.
This is an attempt to weaken unions in California by adding another layer of bureaucracy where its un-needed. Big No!
Prop 76: State Spending Limits
Do you want Governor Asshat to have the final authority on school budgets? I sure as hell don't and this is exactly what Prop 76 does. Vote No on this ridiculous and brazen powergrab.
Prop 77: Redistricting.
NO NO NO NO NO NO. California isn't Texas, don't try to pretend that it is.
Prop 78: Drug Discounts (Industry Backed)
Um yeah, this is being pushed by Governor Asshat and the Pharmco's. Do you think its in your best interest or their's? Vote No on 78
Prop 79: Drug Dicounts (Consumer Groups Backed)
If Governor Asshat doesn't want it then you can probably bet that its a reasonably good thing for real Californians. Vote Yes on 79.
Prop 80: Electricity Regulation
Do you want the government to make it more difficult to shop for better electricity prices? No, neither do I. No on 80.

So it looks like this will be easy. No on everything but Prop 79. Okay then, off to the voting place.

Warren Beatty said it best during an interview yesterday morning when he asked why the governor needs to two special elections. One to get elected and another one now when the regular election is just over 6 months away in June. He needs the special election because he's counting on people blowing it off and his powerbase not blowing it off and getting some of these draconian asshole measures passed that will fundamentally change the powerstructure of this state. Vote against Governor Asshat and vote for California!

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