Go East for Turkey Day

Connections will be minimal over the next few days, nothing like a return to the dial up world to remind one of how lucky they are to have a sweet juicy broadband pipe.

But its okay, the company here at my Mom's in New Hampshire more than makes up for the lack of wicked fast downloads and rhubarb.

I was intending to try a new pie for Thanksgiving this year, Pineapple Rhubarb, but I will apparently have to scrap that plan and go another way as there is no rhubarb available in New England from what I've been told. I've got another pie recipe to try, Brandied Date and Walnut Pie, so that'll be good fun.

The flight was pretty decent overall and made ten times better by not having a person sitting in the third seat in our little row so we could give Grady some space to crash. Which he did do after some effort and some milk but boy was he testing the limits before he went down. But once he was down, he was down and done for the duration of the flight. And I can say that JetBlue has done plenty to warrant my continued business. From the curb to the de-planing in Boston, they do it right and with the right attitude. Plus, I liked having the tv screen to occupy my non-sleeping body.

Tonight is a smaller gathering, probably no more than 30 people. Tomorrow will be bigger as its the traditional lasagna dinner, the estimates are 50 adults plus another 19 munchkins.

Would you believe that tomorrow is just a warmup for the main event on Thursday? I don't have a final count yet but I'm expecting we'll break 150 for Thanksgiving dinner this year as it the 100 Year Anniversary of our Family Thanksgiving (no, not the working title and we'll just leave it at that, okay? good). Yes, that's 150 friends and family for dinner. The table of pies should be EPIC!

It was snowing after raining all morning and now the ground's lightly covered with snow. Very pretty until you go outside and realize that its butt-ass cold here. Then its nice to go back inside and just look outside.

Lots and lots of pictures pending but they'll have to wait until Saturday because I'm travelling almost blind, no laptop. Scary, huh? Don't worry though, I still have my Clie so I can get access if I really, really, really need it.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, eat some turkey, gobble some pie and then plunk down and watch some football with your family and friends. That's what its all about (I know its not really but it works for me).
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