Getting Things Done

Via an AskMeFi question, I was directed to a member's site called Folded Space where he'd implemented David Allen's Getting Things Done and written about his experiences with it. I found this nice Getting Things Done Workflow Chart that will help me get back on top of all my projects both at work and at home. So far its really helped me get back on top of the ever-shifting pile of priorities at work. I've still got a ways to go with it but its working nicely so far and several co-workers have expressed some interest in the program as well.

Now I just need a day at home to get the process underway as it'll be some grinding to get things in place there. But I'm down with it. Anything to help get a better grip on what needs to be done.

One of the really good things I've implemented from the program has been the Touch-It-Once philosophy. Don't leaf through your mail, put it back and then have to sort it again later, sort it the first time you pick it up and discard as much as you can right out of the gate.

I am planning on getting myself a copy of the book but not through Amazon. I don't really plan on getting anything through Amazon anymore since they're, well, idiots. And I generally don't like to do business with companies that have rather idiotic practices.
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