The Fictionary Grows

More new words I've invented to add to my growing Fictionary. Particular favorites this time around are shambolic, porking lot, colasshole and shunshine.

Adversation - when you're talking with someone and you realize they don't really care what you're saying, they're just trying to get you interested in their product or service (the street vendor who tries to tell you a joke to get you to stop and look at his schlock he's selling).
Colasshole - a really, really, really big asshole.
Idiocity - a city populated by morons.
Incist or Insest - when a sibling insists on having sex with you, insistent incest. Nice, huh? Yeah, sorry.
Juddy - someone you're forced to be "friends" with due to circumstance and by friends I mean he's a physical threat to you so you just play nice. Came up with the term after watching a recent episode of Survivor Guatemala where Judd, the big loud-mouthed New York doorman, has basically bullied his tribe into doing things his way. He used to be a good guy but its pretty apparent that he's really a pretty rampant asshole and I hope he gets tossed off the show soon.
Mailias - using a fake name to send email or snail mail.
Maleias - when a girl pretends to be a guy and makes up a fake name, her male-ias.
Porking lot - where "Johns" park their cars when they go to the brothel.
Shambolic - false or falsified symbolism, sham symbolism. Think GWB's landing on the aircraft carrier with the "Mission Accomplished" sign in the background. Or the scads of people who sport magnetic ribbons on their cars saying "Support the Troops" when they're just supporting the makers of the magnetic ribbons.
Shipping weasel - Someone who sells on Ebay but always charges waaaaay too much for shipping because that's how they make their profits without having to pay Ebay so much. I nearly bought a replacement Ipod on Ebay the other day but the shipping weasel wanted $45 to send it.
Shunshine - what goths and other heliophobes do.
Spamvesting - investments based on tips recieved in spams. It doesn't end well.

And some new blog or band names that I've come up with.
The Doom and Gloom Room - teen angst blog, maybe with a Marilyn Manson feel to it.

Sir Real - as in surreal, sort of. I just thought it was kind of cool. No, you shut up. Moooooooom!

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