Crony Fall Down Go Boom!

Why do they even bother with entering a plea in cases like this? Just on the off chance that the accussed has had an attack of conscience and would like to skip right to the sentencing?

Yeah, Scooter pleads innocent of all charges not including rampant cronyism, massive asshatery, grade-school style grudges and payback and basically treating the US Government, along with the rest of the Crony Patrol, like their own private sandbox/litterbox that they can play in and shit all over it if they so choose.

But it's not your government, Scooter. It's not your government, Dicky. It's not your government, Karl. It's not your government, George. It's ours and we want it back.

And, oh yes, by the way, Clinton's first 57 months in office saw a 235% increase in the NASDAQ, want to take a small guess as to Bush's first 57 months in office's effect on the NASDAQ? Down 13%. Sure, its not his fault though, it never is.
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