Caveat Yahoo

Here's some pain that someone else can hopefully avoid. If you use Yahoo, make sure you've got access to your alternate email address in case something happens with your password. I didn't and had my password inadvertantly reset and now have to send in a fax with all kinds of info to Yahoo to give them the power to go in and repair the stupid account.

A wee bit of a pain in the ass. Well, more than a wee bit since I get all of my email through my Yahoo account. But its prompted me to get my alternate emails in order and I think I'm going to actually start to migrate to a new Yahoo address in any case. The old one has some legacy issues.

Be careful not to accidentally reset your password and not have access to your alternate email, unless you wanted to have no access to your email or homepage or fantasy teams all weekend. If that's the case then go right ahead and delete your password. Loads of fun await.

In other news, Graydon thinks its funny to try and get hurt.