Bush: "We do not torture"

Do you believe it when liars tell you something that you know to be completely false? Oh you know, something like our president saying "We do not torture" POW's.

And yet the Bush Administration is trying to get the CIA exempted from legislation pertaining to the care of prisoners.

Now, why would the vice president be trying to get the CIA exempted if they don't torture prisoners? Why would they need the exemption unless they are either torturing POWs now or are planning on torturing some soon.

How can George Bush say ridiculous shit like "We do not torture" when there have been scandal after scandal of prisoner abuse. When Lynndie England was just convicted of abuse. When the US government has still refused lawful orders to release all of the photos from Abu Ghraib? When your own Attorney General has written public documents advocating the torture of prisoners? Do they honestly believe that the American people are this stupid? Or do they just not care because they know that they'll have made their billions by the time they actually get charged with crimes?

The asshats have no credibility and yet they keep behaving as if they are riding a tidal wave of public approval when they should really be busting their damned asses to regain some mote of public trust. Not engaging in further overt and idiotic lies like this.
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