Your Marketing Info's Worth

Have you often wondered how much internet data mining/marketers make when they collect and resell your personal information?

I did and happened to come across a little breakdown in a copy of Real Simple. Its kind of amazing and then not so surprising. Let's see how much a bottom feeder can make off you. Numbers are from Pre-Emptive Media
Date of birth: $2
Address: $.50
Social Security Number: $8
Zip code: $.50
Marital status: $7.95
employment information:$13
Education history: $12
Published phone number:$.25
Unpublished phone number: $17.50
Cell-phone number: $10
Driver's license information: $3

So, on a good scoop, it looks like one of these buggers can make nearly $75 off you and the only way you'd know it is because you're getting alot more targeted junk mail and spam.

Can I just generate all new information everyday and sell my information again and again and again? It would provide me with an income and would screw up all those junk mail databases. That's what I call a win-win.
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