What Can Brown Do To You?

I fucking hate UPS. I have fucking hated UPS for a while now but I hate them even more than usual today.


Because they are complete fucking idiots. UPS was supposed to return my Sony DSC-P200 camera to me but they weren't quite up to task on it and its gone. I had a PO Box as my return address which UPS doesn't ship to so, instead of checking with me to get the right address or looking at the location of the most recent shipments we've gotten through UPS, no, instead they go back to an address we used two years ago (TWO YEARS AGO) and sent my camera there.

What's more, they left a $500 camera on the front porch, no signature, no nothing. Just an enticing box left out in a very public place right across the street from an elementary school and on a corner where the foot traffic numbers in the hundreds every day. So its no surprise that it was gone in a freakin' New York minute.

So now I get to spend the afternoon on hold waiting for one customer service rep to pass me along to the right people who can get me my damned camera or a replacement. Which is pretty much exactly what I really, really, really wanted to do with my day. Or not.

What's the color of shit? Brown. We used to chant that at Dartmouth hockey games whenever Brown would come up to play. Now I'll chant it everytime those stupid ass brown trucks come around.
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