Timeless Beauty

If I get one good shot in an outing, I'm usually pretty happy and satisfied. Every once in a while, I'll get something like this that captures the essence of the day. Saturday was her day, happily and willingly shared with her now husband and a couple of hundred of their friends and family.

It was a beautiful wedding on Lover's Point in Monterey. Very dramatic with the surf crashing around us, the wind blowing and the sun dancing with the shadows.

She is a truly beautiful woman inside and out. And I mean that. She and I, along with two other friends, shared a house back in the day. Actually back in the day when she met her fiance, now husband. She was an ideal housemate, a good friend, a fantastic cook and just a special and wonderful woman that we've been privileged to know all these years.

Sharing in the joining of their lives serves as a fantastic reminder of all the good things in a marriage.

Congratulations Megan and John! May your journey together know twists, turns and surprises but may you always face them together.
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