Teen Murder/Suicide

I saw a sad story on the news this morning about a young woman who was walking to school when a boy came up behind her, shot her in the back and then shot himself. They'd dated a little bit and, upon breaking up, she transferred to another school, ostensibly because she recognized that the dude was pretty well unbalanced.

Sadly it did not prevent him from hunting her down and murdering her, reports say that he didn't say a word to her before shooting her either. That's cold and crazy and really, really sad.

Similarly sad but different is the dentist who was approached by a patient, asked "Do you remember me?", then pulled a gun out and shot him to death. Then the patient walked back to his car, got in and shot himself to death as well. I don't get it and maybe that's not necessarily a bad thing that I don't understand these mindsets.
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