Presidential Nicknames

Dubya's Nickname for his staff and colleagues.

It serves as a nice little peek inside the mostly empty brainpan of our president.

He calls Vladimir Putin, "Pootie-Poot"? And Colin Powell is called "Balloonfoot"? Nice, I'm sure they love their nicknames. And I guess its fair so long as they're allowed to call him any damned thing they want too, like "Liar, Moron, Asshole, Coward and Dicky's Bitch".

Though John Sweeney's got a pretty cool nickname, "Congressman Kick-Ass".

And there's no mention of turncoat furious rooster Zell Miller who I'd like to offer the nickname "Spittle". And the twins? Laura and Jenna? I think they'd do well under a collective nickname of "Uh-oh".
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