Oldest New Fathers and Least Help Around the House Winners.......

The winners of the last to breed and least likely to be any help around the house are Italian men! Why? They live at home longer than in other countries, did you know that 40 percent of Italian men between 30-34 still live at home? And when they do get married, they're useless in helping keep a house together.

Nice. The article doesn't go on to say that Italian men are also shameless flirts and will engage in a fun game of grab ass if you don't set firm boundaries. Oh, and don't forget the rampant chauvinism, now go make me some pie.

And yes, I have made a whole passel of generalizations about a country and the men there. I'm well aware that there are exceptions to the stereotypes. Just like I'm also well aware that the stereotypes exist for a reason.
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