Need a Job? Got IT Skillz? How Do You Feel About Suicide Bombers?

Looking for work? Consider Al Qaeda.. because they need a few good men to post their videos and picture clips to the internet. And if you do well at that, they may just promote you to suicide bomber.
The pay's not good but,
"Every Muslim knows his life is not his, since it belongs to this violated Islamic nation whose blood is being spilled. Nothing should take precedence over this."
which, translated, means, you will be worked like a dog without pay or food until you are too much of a pain in the ass to keep around and then you will be used to blow up innocent people. And be happy about it because your life isn't yours, its theirs, so there.

I suppose this is a good sign really. Open recruitment means they aren't getting their numbers either (as the US military is not hitting its recruitment goals at all) and the low pay tells me that they are starting to pinch pennies. Both good things.

I doubt it even needs to be said but I bet they have a pretty lousy pension plan and benefits package.
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