More Blog Names to Share

An assortment of blog names that I think up over time as well as some new words down below.

Part Time Asshole - angry ranty style blog.
Short, Sweet and Go Fuck Yourself - Ranty McRantinstein
Ranty McRantingstein - look elsewhere for flowery prose.
The Cursmudgeon - messy grump.
The Curmudungeon - mean and nasty grump with a leather fetish.
Scranting Reeds - or Scranting Reads, a play on Ranting Screeds. Most likely a vent blog but perhaps with clever wordplay as a common theme.
Unbelievable Tool - either a conspiracy theory loony blog or someone who likes to rant about Bush alot.
Dinkus - a low self esteem blog.
Thinksgaving - malaprop humor blog.

And some new words as well.
Angravation - when you get aggravated and angry.
Misshaken - a martini that should have been stirred.
Cornspiracy - obviously a conspiracy involving corn.
Pronspiracy - how the cool kids talk about intrique in the silicone boob and shaved nuts universe.
Vedia - video media.
Shillions - money made for being a corporate spokesperson.
Procrasturbation - um, wanking when you should be doing something more constructive. A great new word from grapefruitmoon.
Diffinct - distinctly different.
Frenemy - enemy friends or friendly enemies. Think someone you know and like but fight with constantly. This comes via the Divine Digital Di.
Flickture - photos uploaded to Flickr or, more precisely, pictures uploaded to Flickr.
Sarchasm - the gulf between your wit and someone's ability to understand it.
Peckerish - feeling like a little dick.
Faco - fake taco.