I Chose Wisely!

Yep, just took a peek out the window and I am vindicated, validated and will be staying dry today. As well as keeping my skin intact.

I choose to drive the Escape today because there was a good chance of rain. And that chance has become a reality. So its nice to know that my Suzuki is sitting in the garage, dry and comfy, and I won't have to do the sphincter-clencher ride home on the first rain of the season slick roads.

Oh yes, the first real rain of the season is among the most dangerous days to be out on a motorcycle. The reason is because all spring, summer and fall long, cars with slow leaks in their oil, transmission or cooling systems leak their various fluids onto the ground. Those fluids get down into the asphalt without too much worry and don't pose much danger as such. Until the first rains come by and force the oils and goo out of the asphalt and back on to the top of the road. And that's how first rain roads become so incredibly dangerous. They can be as slippery as ice and they look almost exactly like normal roadways.

So yes, I'm quite pleased to have chosen the four wheel cage today rather than my motorcycle. Now if I hadn't forgotten a jacket, I'd be set.

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