Happy Late Conception Day!

Yesterday was a big day in the Huh? universe. It was the two year anniversary of our nuptuals as well as the two year anniversary of when our sweet little bundle of blond and blue joy was conceived.

That's right, folks. We went straight from single to married and expecting in a single day. It was a big one and we've not really slowed down since then. Not that I'm complaining, this week at least as Graydon's slept nearly through the night the last three nights which means we get some rest too!

And the bigger news above it all is that we're expecting again! Another Huh? is in the works! Its still early but the cat's out of the bag already so I might as well spread the news as widely as possible.

We're due in May which means the early part of next year is going to be pretty majorly busy, busy, busy.

But that's all good because I'm going to be a dad again!
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