Governor GirliemanAsshat

The more I think about it, the more last night's televised Town Hall Meeting pisses me off. It pisses me off that the Governor of California was too chicken to appear on stage with two other representatives. It pisses me off that the only person there to refute whatever garbage he chose to spew was Randy Shandobil, the moderator (who was pretty quickly labelled as a "dick" by my wife for his heavy-handed moderation techniques). It pisses me off that he was allowed to ignore pointed questions and turn the event into a campaign stop for his re-election campaign.

So, instead of a cool tough nickname like the Governator, I propose he be nicknamed what he really is, a(n) girliemanasshat afraid to stand next to and actually have to interact with the other side.

Governor GirliemanAsshat.

Please quit blaming other people for your fuckups, resign your post and go back to making bad movies. And maybe, someday, all of this retardness you're trying to force on California will seem like another unbelievable stupid plot from another of your movies that you can't stop quoting.
Note, its not my intent to piss off any feminists or those who disagree with the use of a female tag as a perjorative. The reason I went with Girlieman is because the Governor himself uses this term all the time to belittle the Democrats or anyone else he disagrees with. Just making sure. But Governor Asshat works just fine for him too.
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