Some people tend to find wallets stuffed with loot. Some people find packs of cigarettes. I tend to find knives, no not the big honking swords like Rick's gets, just knives. I don't know why but its always been like that. Sure, I find other stuff from time to time, most of it useless but occasionally something interesting and worthwhile. I've found wallets a couple of times, the most recent time was a kid with a group visiting Santa Cruz. They'd arrived that day and he lost his wallet, luckily I found it and returned it to him with all his cash and cards in it.

But most of the time it seems that I have a tendency to find knives. This morning I found one laying on the ground between the concrete wall of the parking garage exit ramp and the iron bars of the safety fence. A decent little knife that's obviously been someone's for a long time as the blade has been sharpened many times over and has taken on a slightly different profile than originally intended.

Not a bad find though I do always have a moment where I wonder why it was left and whether I should leave it where it is, just in case its been involved in a crime and I don't want to taint the crimescene, you know? But then I remind myself that life isn't CSI and I was wearing gloves anyway.
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