Converging Billiards and Hi-Tech

How hard would it be to add sound or microchips to billiard balls to make them do things like keep score for you, make trick shot melodies or even embed voices. Hell, they could be dumb units controlled by a central broadcast computer telling them what to do and when to do it.

Maybe it would distract from the game itself but I think it could also be useful. Say, you get a clear note when you hit your ball first and get a flat note when you hit your opponent's ball first. Or, if you hit a combo shot, it could be a rising scale the heighten the drama or whatever. The possibilities are pretty well on endless.

And I have seen billiard ball sets now with NFL teams and college football teams which is an idea I had about ten years ago or more. But it can go further. I know I'd love to have a set of Giants vs. Dodgers billiards balls or some Red Sox versus the Yankees balls. And, with the voice chip stuff inside, it would be possible to even sample the players who's numbers are on the balls.

Why won't someone gift me a big old factory so I can start making the world a more interesting and fun place?
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