Congratulations, Its Officially a Clusterfuck!

Pentagon Announces 2000th US Military Death in Iraq- Wikinews. Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander, Jr. was the unlucky 2000th US soldier killed in the never-ending clusterfuck that is Iraq. Peace to you and your family, Mr. Alexander. I wish I could say that your death wasn't in vain but it is my feeling that the entire fiasco that is the war in Iraq is in vain. It was undertaken without proper planning, without heeding the advice of top military experts and without an exit strategy. Your death was avoidable, as have many others. We are led by a man who says God speaks to him and told him to invade Iraq. You, the soldiers laboring in Iraq, have my deepest sympathies for having a complete and utter buffoon as a boss, one who doesn't seem to care that he's sacrificed 2000 sons and daughters of the United States for his pet war.

Is it still Mission Accomplished in Iraq, Mr. Bush? I highly doubt it. How many car bombs were set off at the same time today? The other day? Yeah, we're winning the peace over there, for sure.

At least we've captured Osama bin Laden and will be able to make him stand trial for his crimes. Oh wait, that's right, George W. Bush doesn't really care about Osama bin Laden even though he's the one directly responsible for the 9/11 attacks. But a little thing like reality never bothered Georgie. Keep patting yourself on the back, standing by your traitorous staff and keep handing out signed blank checks to Halliburton. Actually, please stop doing all of these things but you don't care what the people think or want. No matter how low your approval ratings sink.
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