Another World Series Sweep

I'm all for the better team winning and I don't like one game eliminations but, that said, I don't really like seeing a sweep in the World Series. The Chicago White Sox swept the Houston Astros last night for their first World Series win in almost 90 years.

I've got no problems with the White Sox winning, I think they were the better team. But it pains me to see another team, the National League Champions, post such a quiet and sort of sad loss. Its the same feeling I had last year when the Red Sox rumbled over the Cardinals in four straight, they deserved better.

That and I would have liked to see Roger Clemens take the mound again in Game Five so he could be the goat. I like it when The Rocket is really The Goat. But I do feel bad for guys like Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell who've been Astros forever, play the game hard, play the game the way its supposed to be and this was their first chance at the crown. Its unlikely they'll get another and that's just kind of a bummer. I like it when the gamers get rewarded for playing the game the right way.

Congratulations White Sox, you deserve your World Series Crown and accolades. Bummer that one of the most viewed shots of the win is some random fan kissing Ozzie Guillen, the White Sox manager, on the lips. Woops! [Update: I read on a message board that this "well-wisher" is actually one of his children giving him the kiss. Which makes alot more sense.]
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