Another Reason to Stay Away from Starbucks

Religious quotes on your overpriced coffee. Not like it'll make any difference in my life because I don't go into Starbucks though this will make me all the more likely to continue not going in. I would avoid In'n'Out Burger if there were one nearby too, I don't need religious crap slapped on top of my fast food crap, thanks.

Folks, keep your religious beliefs to yourself. Same thing with your sexual preferences. I don't care that you're a Christian or bi-sexual but I also don't want to have my face rubbed in your beliefs and issues. Just like you don't really want to listen to yet another rant from me about why I think religion is a huge waste of time.

By the way, because I am asking, can someone explain why football players use perjoratives like "fag" and "queer" to knock down other people and then, the first chance they get, they sodomize rookie players in hazing rituals? McGill University cancelled their football program because the players signed an anti-hazing pledge and then went right ahead with their buggery of their new teammates. I don't get it. But I do know that the most ardent homophobe is usually hiding from themself.
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