What's the Opposite of Transparent

Nothing to hide at all, nope, not a thing. Only 15.6 million documents, a few of which, I'm sure don't paint this administration's officials in a particularly kind light. Sure is nice that the Bush Administration is completely above board and has developed a fully transparent government so that oversight is easy and complete. Of course, George's understanding of transparent's a little different than yours or mine, in his world, it means hide everything, cover up everything, spin everything and make the truth just another line among the lies, impossible to seperate, impossible to stay ahead of the flood of lies, impossible to nail them down because the flood never stops.

So why would the government have to classify more documents this last year than any year before? Let me see if I can channel a GOP mouthpiece, its the war on terror! Its the war on terror, it has nothing to do with no-bid contracts, nothing to do with oil, nothing to do with documents that could corroborate and prove Bush's plan to invade Iraq regardless. Nope, I'm sure they classified all those documents to help protect the lives of livelihoods of honest, hard working Americans. Not traitors with top secret clearance, grudges and absolutely no morals whatsoever.

A very good question that's been forgotten in the hurricane is Karl Rove and his access, continued access, to top secret documents even though he's the main suspect in a case that should be being called high treason, in the outing of a covert CIA agent. The hypocrisy and fuck-you-ness of the Bush Administration is brazen and completely shameful.

And apologists for the Bush Administration should really, really, really take a hard look at why they are holding on to such sentiments in the face of proof that the lies have been pretty well non-stop since Bush took office.

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