An Ugly Backlash

You knew it was coming, it had to. The backlash against the makeover shows that take ugly ducklings and reinvent them as swans.

Well, what happens when an ugly duckling is told she's ugly, told she can be made into a Hollywood princess and begins down the path only to find her makeover cancelled because the healing time for her jaw would be too long? In this instance, she eventually committed suicide and now her sister, who started the whole process, is suing "Extreme Makeover" for effectively getting her hopes up and then smashing them upon the wall of scheduling.

When so many people are so hopeful of getting the magical makeover treatment there will have to be people that do not make the cut for whatever reason. And I highly doubt the shows spend much time in debriefing the passed over ones. They just say "sorry" and get back to work on the ugly duckling that can be made pretty in time for the show. It may not be fair but who says life's fair?
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