To Protect the Precious, Precious Oil

Bush gives new reason for Iraq war and guess what? It ain't about weapons of mass destruction, it ain't about Saddam being a pretty awful bastard, it ain't about spreading freedom and democracy in the Middle East. Nope, its about the oil.

Well, keeping the oil out of the hands of the terrorist's, of course. Since we've destabilized the whole region, leaving now would put all that wonderful oil at risk of falling into the terrorist's control. Which is a good idea now but is a bad excuse to invade another country. Saddam wasn't about to hand over his oil to Al Qaeda.

So, to people who have loudly proclaimed again and again that the war isn't about the oil, it now, officially, for now, is about the oil.

I'd say nyah, nyah, nyah but what this apparently means that the occupation may well be somewhat permanent. So I guess the question is how many barrels do we actually get per soldier that dies? How many per wounded? When does the impeachment begin?
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