A Sports Moment for the Ages

Its every young kids dream growing up though the circumstances were a little different. Its late in the game, your team is down but they were able to load the bases, your first at bat, you step up, you swing and its gone. Its a great fantasy and very, very few ever live it out. But Jeremy Hermida made a monster entry into the Majors last night. His very first at bat in the bigs, he comes up with the bases loaded and nuts a grand slam. He's the first guy to do it in more than a century, since 1898, that's how rare it is. More rare than a solo triple play, more rare than a perfect game. It was history and it was historical and it was awesome.

Watching the replay, I got goosebumps and a little tear in my eye. It was an exciting moment in a Cardinals blowout of the Marlins but that swing, that moment, made the game. And watching him run the bases, trying to not grin from ear to ear like a rook, it was really just a sweet and cool moment.

I do love baseball, I love the drama of it, I love the swing of the bat and fortunes can change. I love that even a little scrapper like David Eckstein can succeed and be great by playing hard, smart and tough. I love the rivalries, I love cheering against the Yankees, I love cheering for the O's, A's and Giants. I love the anticipation as Barry Bonds strolls up to the plate and the electricity in the air as he gets ahold of one and dunks it in the cove. I love baseball and I fully expect baseball to weather the storm of steroids, corked bats and a limp commissioner.
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