Some Online Retailers DO NOT GET IT

I'd love to get in a room with the geniuses that come up with such incredibly stupid stuff as not putting the price of an item on the website and having the potential customer fill out a whole bunch of information (which is actually giving them valuable data that they can turn around and sell so they make money even if you don't end up buying from them) to get something as simple as the price.

Thanks but every site that I've ever come across with something as outrageously stupid as that, I close that tab and go to another site. There's no reason why I should give you my data just to find out the damned price of something. And I won't. I hope other people refuse to as well because its a stupid, stupid practice that's really just a holdover from the good old pre-internets days.

Here's an idea. Put the prices of all the items you sell next to those items. Don't make my life more difficult or complicated or more of a pain in the ass by forcing me to submit a bunch of info. Don't think you must capture my data or you'll lose the sale because, by trying to capture my data too early in the process, you have already lost my sale. This sale and all future sales as well because of your greed, stupidity, arrogance and ignorance.

Bad ecommerce, no sales for you.
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