Smoker Rant

You what makes my blood boil? Smokers who don't seem to be able to make the cognitive leap between the nasty cigarette butt in their hands and the fact that its garbage and the fact that they are littering when they throw that, usually still lit, butt out their window and into the street.

I was treated to some old asshole in his Caprice Classic this morning, puffing away and then throwing the smoking butt out his window when he was done. I was highly tempted to ram him from behind and then slap him around. Just as I was also sorely tempted to call his plate in to the cops for littering. And the kicker? The kicker was that he had a bumper sticker that read "Stop Litters, Spay Critters" about having your animal neutered. I guess he's taken a stand against pet overpopulation but not throwing his garbage out the window of his car.

I don't get it, I don't get how people who smoke cannot regard the nasty leftover poison-filled filter as anything but the worst kind of chemical-laden trash there is. What mental calistenics have they have to do to convince themselves that they are not part of the problem? That their little cigarette butt tossing is being repeated a million times a day in California. That all of those disgusting little butts end up in our water supply. That they are litterbugs.

I did have my vindication one time with an ashole smoker on a scooter who threw her butt in the street right next to me. I shouted at her "Thanks for throwing your garbage into the street, bitch" and she nearly leapt out of her skin. Maybe if more smokers were called out publicly on their lame ass littering behaviour, they'd be more likely to, you know, use their fucking ashtray instead of the street?
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