A Slight Change

So yes, obviously, I made a little change to the site last night. I'm tired of the page load hanging up on the Blogroll and wanted to see if moving the links to the right side would speed the load time up again.

It doesn't really speed it up much so far as I can tell but I kind of like the emphasis being back on the posts and not so much on the links. I wish Blogrolls could use basic HTML instead of Javascript.

Tell me what you think of the of alteration.

Oh yes, some content for this post. Yesterday was a tough day to be a baseball fan of the A's, O's and Giants. All three lost, the O's and Giants were leading going into the bottom of the 9th and both teams blew the saves and ended up with losses. That pretty well sucked. On a related note, I love it when the Giants wear the Gigantes uniforms.

But not half as much as my day is going to suck but more on that later when the suckage has reared its suck-ugly head.
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