Say Goodbye to My Little Frenemy

October 6th is a personal Emancipation Day for me. As any of you out there struggling with the repayment of student loans, you're about to get jealous and bitter. By the way, frenemy is a cool new word I learned from Digital Di, it will be added to the Fictionary soon too, I've been accumulating new words and its almost ready for another installment.

On October 6th my student loans will cease to exist in any meaningful way. For a wee final payment of $68.25 I will complete the repayment of my student loans and only 5 1/2 years after completing college. Which means I've been kicking them $250 a month for 66 months. Which also means I'd be about a quarter of the way done if I hadn't been put in a position to pay them off all at once. But I was fortunate enough to be able to bash them down all at once and now they're about to go away for good forever!

Do you think the loan consolidation offers are going to stop now that there are no loans to consolidate? I didn't think so either.
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