PJ's Make the Baby

There are some things that are so wholly good in and of themselves that they rise above the rest of the universe. Things like an adorable little 14 1/2 month old little boy getting into a new and clean and cute set of pajamas.

Well Graydon got a new set of pj's in preperation for the coming cold, windy and wet winter season. And he is simply too flippin' cute for words in them. They've got baseballs, basketballs, footballs and #10's all over them and it just about kills us seeing him waddle/walk around in them.

Both P and I remark to each other regularly how simply amazingly sweet and cute our little boy is. He's got a great personality though he gets crabby when his teeth are hurting.

There's something just wholesome and wonderful spending quality time hanging out with the little guy as he absorbs his universe. And he makes my heart just explode with love for him when he toddles over to me, puts his arms up and just wants to sit in my arms and relax for a little while with his daddy.
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