One Year Later

Beslan marks tragedy anniversary in which Chechan separatists took more than 1300 men, women and children hostage at a school in Beslan, when the smoke cleared more than 330 were dead and more than 180 of those were children. Critics blame the Russian response: no negotiations and an eventual storming of the school with tanks and flamethrowers. The grief in Beslan hasn't even begun to heal a year later, listening to some of the mourners it was awful to think about what these people were put through, how many of them lost their children or a brother or sister. And how angry many of them still are at the government's response, then and now.

Kind of shocking that Vladimir Putin, the Russian president didn't even bother to go to the anniversary commemoration. Never forget these atrocities, never forgive the perpetrators of these atrocities and never forget those that died.
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