Like Bees on Speed

The next few days are going to be busy, the kind of busy that sucks and makes me want to smack people who ask stupid questions or drag out meetings. And, for the next couple of days, I will letting people know to not waste my damned time. Because every minute of my time they waste is another minute later I'll have to stay at the end of the day to get some of my shit crossed off my lists.

And there's alot of other things going on in the office right now that would certainly bear telling but I can't really tap it right yet. Things will have to play out for a little bit before it makes any sense to report any of it here.

The list of high priority tasks is long, intricate and will require some long days through the end of the week. But the skinny of it at the end of the day is that I need to move on and find another place to ply my trade. Its premature to open my own freelance PR/Marketing shop but that's something I'd very much like to do at some point. The allure of working for myself and being able to choose who I work with is very powerful. Then again, the fear of failing (and accompanying financial distress) is just as strong which is part of the reason why it'll have to wait for now. But there are other options to explore right now and some of them might just turn out for me.

But today? Today is going to be a grind. So's tomorrow, so's Friday and probably Saturday as well. Don't you wish you had my job? I wish you had my job.

PS. Happy Birthday, Dad, wherever you are. You'd be 68 today if the cancer hadn't gotten you a few years ago. You're missed terribly, I think about you everyday and would have loved to introduce you to my son because I see so much of you in him. And he's a fantastic kazoo player which would make you laugh.
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