How Does This Crap Happen?

Apple Customers Complain Of Faulty iPod Nano because the pretty little buggers don't stay pretty for very long. Apparently they scratch incredibly easily and the nice little screens have a habit of cracking. People aren't abusing them at all, one guy says he's treated his Nano as delicately as possible but its still scratched and looking nowhere near as nice as it did when new.

And I don't get it, I don't get how Apple allowed this to happen? Why would they release a product with obvious and known defects? Why wasn't this shit caught in testing? This is a repeat of the stupid and clumsy mistakes they made with the Cube a few years ago. A beautiful and elegant and useful computer marred by flaws in its design that made it look like crap quickly.

Its just stupid and I'd expect better from a company like Apple that's obsessed with getting it right the first time. Its part of what differentiates them from companies like Microsoft that intentionally release substandard products so they can upgrade them later. It bothers me when Apple does things that make them look as clumsy and stupid as Microsoft.
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