Hazing or Homoerotic Torture?

The alternate title for the post is: Does Hallmark have any cards apologizing for shoving a broom handle up someone's ass and calling it hazing?
The Globe and Mail reports McGill footballers apologize to rookie for hazing which included being made to chew on a dog bone while a "teammate" prodded his anus with a sawed off broom handle while his other "teammates" watched and cheered it all on.
"Although McGill says the incident is still under investigation and remains one person's allegations, team veterans already wrote to the alleged victim to apologize."

And someone ought to let the university know that they can stop investigating the reality of the incident since the assholes who did the hazing have already written an apology letter (which is usually a good indication that they're guilty as fuck).

I understand peer pressure and I understand the desire to be a part of something, be it a football team or geek club. But anytime part of the initiation ritual involves public humiliation and sodomy, you can take your little team or club (or broomhandle for that matter) and shove it right up your own ass. I don't need to be part of your crew that badly.

Also, until McGill University expels the students responsible for the hazing, I will refer to them as Broomstick U.
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