An Echo Chamber President

How Bush Blew It

Why yes, our President gets his news from Condi Rice and DVD's loaded with news clips. Yes, he was completely and utterly out of touch with reality when Katrina hit, yes, he was completely out of touch with reality when the levees broke and flooded New Orleans, yes, he was completely out of touch when he begrudgingly ended his 5 week vacation a couple of days early to go and show some support for an entire region that had been devastated by hurricane and then largely left to fend for itself in the aftermath until FEMA stopped jacking off and started helping.

Yes, folks, this is our president, the man 51% of my countrymen elected and now stands firm with a whopping 38% approval rating. Only 12% more to go before he hits the all-time low of Tricky Dicky Nixon at 26% when he was impeached.

Defend him some more, stand by him while he stutters and fails again. The man's a fool, you voted for a fool but don't let anything like reality upset your little apple cart, stand by your man, don't allow yourself to be swayed, don't let your pride be diminished in supporting a man who hid from a war widow for an entire month, who has yet to even publicly speak about one of his top aides and advisors being the center of an investigation into the outing of a CIA agent, don't listen to any of the negative "spin" from the "hata's", you keep loving on that man who wouldn't stop to piss on you if you were on fire.

Because if you think John Kerry or, hell, even Al Sharpton would have sat on his ass for five days while an entire city drowned then you are a bigger fool than that simpering douchebag in the Oval Office.
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