Dick Cheney Tours Devastation

I doubt there will be much video footage of Dick Cheney's heroic tour through the devastation in New Orleans, its just unseemly for the vice president to be chuckling while observing death and massive destruction. And his very evident and highly inappropriate erection about the Halliburton Rebuild New Orleans contracts (actually a subsidiary of Halliburton because they figured it was a little too over the top to just give it straight to Halliburton directly) would just be a little too creepy and confusing for most people. That and there was a rumor he wanted to bring his bird hunting shotgun to take some cheap shots at some of those corpses bobbing in the water, that imagery does not lend itself to any positive PR spin. Nope, they'll stage one believable photo-op and then let him get back to poking the dead with a stick and giggling to himself.

Not that it matters since he's not going to try and run for the Oval Office himself, he's far to mean and snarly to sell to the sheeple of the US.

Its important to remember that these are the same people that said a Kerry/Edwards ticket would result in massive loss of life because only Bush/Cheney had the stones to handle the emergencies that could face our nation. Well, here's an emergency that they completely and utterly botched. Remember this, remember that they swore they were the ones for the job and, when it came time to do that job, they stayed on an already long vacation for a few more days, they went shopping, they dithered and waited for three days before doing anything. And during that time people were dying, people were abandoned by their government and they died.

And the Department of Homeland Security is blocking the Red Cross'delivery of food to people? Wow, how's that supposed to help? Another article saying FEMA is keeping relief workers from entering the city to help? Hit up Beyond Incompetence for more breaking news about the relief non-effort taking place and the intentional stalling and misuse of trained personel.
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