Death, Disease, Destruction and DeLay: Isn't this fun?

Further proof of how unutterably fucking WARPED the GOP is, DomeBlog: DeLay to evacuees: 'Is this kind of fun?' via the Houston Chronicle's Dome Blog.

Yeah, Tom, having all of your worldly possessions washed away in a flood is "fun", having people you know die during the flood and in the retarded excuse for a relief effort is "fun". Halliburton getting first crack at rebuilding efforts is "fun".

Maybe its just me but I think I have a very, very different idea of what "fun" is and I don't think it involves displacing hundreds of thousands of people, the destruction of a major city and the grotesque posturing of chickenhawk political douchebags like Tom DeLay, Hastert, Cheney (Please do go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney), Frist and Bush.

The sickening ghouls should be forced to go sit on a hot roof in the sun and wait six days to be rescued. Then we'll see how much "fun" it is.
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