Can You Have an Unhealthy Fixation with Eating Healthy Food?

Why yes, yes you can and its called Orthorexia which looks similar to anorexia, which is an unhealthy fixation with not eating at all.

I'm reminded of a commercial for yet another weight loss plan, I think it might have been Weight Watchers (which had the excellent taste to NOT hire Kirstie Alley to hawk their meals because she is so fucking annoying I'd rather be fat than purchase any damned thing she's endorsing). The commercial shows mostly women but a few men trying to get through their day while chained to a bathroom scale. Like getting on a bus and banging the scale on the steps and getting the raised eyebrow treatment. Or walking down the street and making dogs cock their head to one side.

And the way to break the chains that bind you to thinking about your weight? Why that would be a Weight Watchers breakfast cereal that promises to instantly make you stop thinking about your weight. Sure, its yet another load of crap but it's a memorable commercial.
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