Bye Bye American Pie

Reading through this proposed rebudgeting after Katrina destroyed New Orleans makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. RSC BUDGET OPTIONS 2005. I read somewhere that if the '01 and '03 tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans were repealed then it would save something on the order $463 BILLION dollars over the next ten years. But I guess its easier to cut funding for school science and math programs than to rollback stupid ass tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy.

And we could save $8 billion a year right now by verifying that people taking earned income tax credits actually deserve to take them? Why hasn't this been being done for years?

Go on, read the Budget Options and see just how sick they make you feel and then ask yourself why people would elect these morons in the first place. And then ask yourself if you're going to vote for these crooked fucks again. And, if you are going to vote for them again, ask yourself why you hate America so much that you want to see it utterly destroyed.

"And taxpayers, taxpayers, take it in the rear" - Warren Beatty as Jay Bulworth in Bulworth
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