Bad Dexterity Day

To some people today is Talk Like a Pirate Day and that's well and good and fine and dandy for them. But, for me, today is Bad Dexterity Day or Get Your Fingers Jammed Day or Bashing Body Parts Accidentally Day.

Anyway you slice it, today's been a rough one for my body. The latest casualty to the day was accidentally mashing my left index finger up against the edge of my desk. It purpled up pretty quickly but isn't broken and now the purple's gone away. It still aches a bit and I'm still pissed off that I mashed it.

On another note, today was also the first day I've been able to mount my GPS unit on my cruiser bike so I can track my lunch rides a little more easily. The first revelation is that seeing my speed, average speed, moving speed, elevation changes and route all marked out nicely makes me go faster. Alot faster. I also verified that my route is longer than the Google Maps told me it was, by about a half mile round trip. Now the next step is loading up the map from today into the computer and posting that, but I need an adapter to connect the GPS unit to my non-serial port equipped Mac.

And, as a result of the lunch ride with the GPS, I've come up with a new term to describe how having the feedback goads me to greater efforts, its called GPS motivation.

Now I just need to find a three or five speed rear hub to give my cruiser longer legs and I'll be able to rip it up all over town. Actually, I'll also need one of these so I can bring along my little boy on my rides too. Speaking of which, has anyone had any experience with one of these style child bike seats that put the child in front of you? I'd think it was way better for the kid but would love some feedback on that.
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