And The Award for Most Inappropriate Dress Goes To......

Some unknown actress named Tess Smith for her far too over-revealing curtain inspired hoochie dress (now with easy access coochie panels).

Lady, I don't know who gave you the crack you smoked before leaving the house in this outfit but you should sue them because that dress makes you look like trash. But then, I'm sure she's gotten alot of attention and attention equals job offers in Hollywoodland so she's actually come out of this alot better off then she went in. And yes, that does sort of depress me some more. Just like the asshole baggage handler/rapper who has gotten alot more famous and made alot more money since he was fired from his baggage handling airport job because he raps about flying planes into buildings and killing people in Allah's name and other stupid shit.

Publicity equals noteriety equals mo'money, mo'money, mo'money. So, I guess she did the right thing in wearing the wrong dress.