Why Worry About Context, Fire Him!

Radio host, two station officials fired after Giants brouhaha. The brouhaha in question? Larry Krueger, during an impassioned post game radio show, after complimenting Felipe Alou, the Giants manager, multiple times, had the audacity to say his mind has turned to "Cream of Wheat" not in that Felipe was an idiot or retarded or anything but that he'd tried everything he could think of to get the Giants to play better and win more games. He was sympathizing with Alou.

The crack about Caribbean hitters swinging at slop is, well, kind of accurate. Look at the numbers, look at the Giants' record. The Giants are awful, they have terribly numbers across the board and all of the players are swinging at slop, not just the islanders.

Larry Krueger got fired for racial prejudice when the reality couldn't be further from the truth. This is a passionate sports fan watching his beloved team perform terribly. This isn't racism, this is Felipe Alou being frustrated with his team, being frustrated with the criticisms and using whatever scapegoat he can find. The Giants and Larry Krueger have often been at odds because of his intensity and vociferous criticisms, its been postulated that this firing was based on personal dislike of his show rather than these pretty trumped up racism charges.

The "pundits" talking over this issue are doing so without the benefit of context, without the benefit of a pause button (live radio waits for no censor) and have condemned a man without even really considering all the aspects of the case. Its sad and its made me lose alot of respect for KNBR, the Giants and especially for Felipe Alou who I think is one of the greatest minds in the game of baseball. But not even he is able to make an undertalented team perform above their level.

And while I'm not a big fan of Kreuger's, I did like his show when I would hear it and think he got a raw deal. You can't let a sports team dictate a radio station's actions and that's exactly what happened here.
[Update: I've taken a few minutes to write to the general email box at KNBR to let them know that I disagree with the firing and will be making an effort to listen to other radio stations from now on as I can't support a radio station that allows its staffing to be dictated by an overreacting and fiery baseball manager. (And I thought Dusty Baker was an over-emotional cry-baby!).

You can write them too, here's the email address. Or if you want to write to an individual show, here are all of them.]
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