Why Tie-Downs are Important

Luckily some lessons can be learned by watching other people suffer. This evening I had occasion to watch someone driving a pick up truck with a new washer and a new dryer in the bed of the truck. For some reason, they had not bothered to tie the two large metal appliances in. And the gate was down on the pick up truck.

When the light turned green and the driver of the pickup truck accelerated and turned left, the bed of the pickup truck spewed one of the two appliances out the back. It was the washing machine. Hopelessly ruined by falling off the truck and landing on the concrete. It hit and sprayed parts everywhere, done.

So, a five dollar investment in some basic tie downs would have saved that, at minimum, three hundred buck washing machine. Bummer on that one. Not really a lesson I needed to learn but one that was certainly a good reminder to take precautions to think things through or risk spewing your project all over the road.

From my own end, this was a pretty busy weekend. The result is a redone downstairs bathroom. New (working) sink and vanity, new floor, new paint and brighter bulbs in the fixture. It looks good.

And I got to go to the local city dump. One hint, don't try to cut the line, people don't think its very funny, even if you do make an honest mistake and try it. Its a wash time wise almost, I waited in line for about 20 minutes when it would have taken me less than that to go to the other dump. But it was good to get more crap out of the garage. The space is almost workable, which will be nice.
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